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RM74 is the soloproject by Swiss musician Reto Mäder

2013 // Utech Records

RM74 "Two Angles of a Triangle"

Just like the light shines brighter in the darkness, contrasts are there to remind us of the existence of the other side. And to look inward is possibly the best way to be able to tell more about the true self. Sometimes it’s the only way to confront what lies deep under the skin, to be able to share it with the world outside in pure awareness. Two Angles of a Triangle is profound and introspective, yet it tells you hundreds of secrets, feelings and ideas of its creator in a highly confidential way. How Reto Mäder musically builds his triangle is similar to a folk music without genre typical folk arrangements. His perspective of music is so deeply rooted in the human soul it’s easy to forget how detailed and complex he shapes his sound material. Slowly bass guitar figures played in open circles and time are recorded with all the mechanical details of its strokes, atmospheric piano and synths building emotional high and downs, electronics treated like an organic instrument, percussions in their own ritualistic rhythms, a metallic vibrating kalimba, a howling theremin, nostalgic music box melodies, the scraping sound of a chalk on slate, oscillated radio frequencies, lost and found tape voices, cracking of tree branches. The place betwixt, where RM74 aims, is way beyond that and Two Angles of a Triangle is his greatest step on the way to that place. Mäder is a singer/songwriter without words in the never-ending search for the third angle.

- DCD  (Utech Records & RM74), URCD076


released January 30, 2013

All songs written and performed by Reto Mäder. Recorded 2011/2012 in Milwaukee, USA and Bern, Switzerland. Artwork by Thomas Hooper. Videos by Sera Timms

Anker 1
Anker 6
VIDEO CLIP "Spineless #1" Video by Sera Timms
Part 1 of 3 part RM74 series. (See Orkas Dream #2, Shimmer of Bronce #3)
VIDEO CLIP "Orkas Dream #2" Video by Sera Timms Part 2 of 3 part RM74 series
VIDEO CLIP "Shimmer of Bronce #3" Video by Sera Timms Part 3 of 3 part RM74 series
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