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Tracklist: 1. Ghost Cell 2. Speed Of The Light In Vacuum 3. Background Value 4. Indefinite Outline 5. Self-Appointed 6. Non-Physical Contact 7. The Mediums Feed 8. Glory Humus


Following their mystical, dark and haunting self-titled debut album on Utech Records (home of Aluk Todolo, Locrian, Final, Skullflower, Runhild Gammelsaeter, James Plotkin...), Ural Umbo return with their follow-up release, an even more dense, forward-thinking, nebulous post doom record. An organic and hypnotic mixture of lurking electro-acoustics, atmospheric black metal approaches, epic drones, slowly evolving melodies, doom mantras and an overall psychedelic atmosphere.

Ural Umbo - Fog Tapes (LP)

  • 12" Black vinyl. Silver-printed sleeve, with A2 fold-out poster by Rik Garrett


    Label: Hinterzimmer Records (SUI)
    Year: 2010

    Photography: Rik Garrett

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