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Tracklist: 1. Initial Magnetization Curve 2. Sych 3. This Dead And Fabled Waste 4. Evocative Luminance 5. Self Fulfilling Prophecy 6. Resinous Compound 7. So, Here I Live...Sorry 8. Thermal Layering


"With an eldritch terror that could just as easily be from another dimension as the darkest ocean comes the fourth release from Ural Umbo, the duo of Reto Mäder and Steven Hess.
Feedback and melody barely escape from the murky crevices, tinged with a sense of grinding tension. Sharp, acidic percussion slices through the blackness with violent urgency, while electronic blasts and organic drones entwine and ensnare. Some dim instinctive memory vaguely resurrects a shadowy scene wherein black drums roar madly, and monstrous beings squat loathsomely in inexplicable rituals rooted in the black dawn of the universe." (Utech Records)

Ural Umbo - Delusion of Hope (LP incl. CD)

  • 12" Clear crystal vinyl incl. CD


    Label: Utech Records (USA)
    Year: 2012

    Photography: Alexander Binder

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