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Tracklist: 1. Physically Deformed 2. Our Karma Is Broken 3. Bones, Beer And Muscles 4. Ural Umbo 5. Eleventh Rib 6. Requiem For A Liar 7. Pack Mule 8. Unlisted Disasters 9. Basics Of Sleep 10. Good Night Francine


Switzerland’s Sum of R constructing/deconstructing sound in ways that infest and cloud the interior of the mind.


The implements: electronics, bass guitar, piano, harmonium and Lenco turntables. The science: deep pulsations, organic drones, melodic feedback accompaniment, vinyl loops, analog sound sources, reversed audio, haunting vocal treatments.

The sum: a living, breathing organism that sustains varied levels of function without ever losing its holistic unity.

Sum Of R - Sum Of R (CD)

  • CD in 4-panel digipak (heavy black matte printed with silver ink.) incl. silver/black fold-out insert


    Label: Utech Records (USA)
    Year: 2008

    Cover Photography: Rik Garrett

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