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Tracklist: 1. Intro: Please Ring The Bells 2. Overgrown 3. We Have To Mark This Entrance 4. Light & Dust 5. Cobalt Powder 6. Hypnotic State 7. After The Passing Of Risk 8. Desmonema Annasethe 9. To Deny Responsibility Is To Perpetuate A Lie 10. Let Us Begin With What We Do Not Want To Be 11. One After The Other


Sum Of R’s new and third full length album „Orga“ (abbr. organic, organism) is a voyage that lets its passenger immerse into mysterious mist, a mist that changes its form and density with every song. Once finding access the listener will enter into a self-contained dimension that speaks its own language: a wordless, organic language made of pieces of an orchestral wall of sound, raw-boned melodies and repetitive mantras, where spirit, body and instruments become one.


Sum Of R - Orga (CD)

  • CD in 6-panel digipak


    Label: Cyclic Law & Czar Of Crickets/Revelations

    Year: 2017

    Photography: Milena Kancheva

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