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Tracklist: 1. Intro: Please Ring The Bells 2. Overgrown 3. We Have To Mark This Entrance 4. Light & Dust 5. Cobalt Powder 6. Hypnotic State 7. Bonus I: Liebezeit 8. After The Passing Of Risk 9. Desmonema Annasethe 10. To Deny Responsibility Is To Perpetuate A Lie 11. Let Us Begin With What We Do Not Want To Be 12. One After The Other 13. Bonus II: Slip Away


Switzerland’s Sum Of R led by Reto Mäder (RM74, Ural Umbo) and accompanied by Fabio Costa create slow moving instrumental sonics with a sensibility for hypnotic and complex song structures. 'Orga' (abbr. organic, organism) is an immersive voyage into a shapeshifting mist of raw-boned melodies and repetitive mantras. The album is a hybrid of ritual drums and eerie percussions, atmospheric analog electronics and epic drones forming a drifting orchestral wall of sound. Darkness, light and its reflections is what emerges from this mysterious aural mist.

Sum Of R - Orga (2LP incl. Bonus Tracks + CD)

  • Double LP with Gatefold cover incl. 2 Bonus Tracks and CD


    Label: Cyclic Law & Czar Of Crickets/Revelations

    Year: 2017

    Photography: Milena Kancheva

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