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Tracklist: 1. Early Morning Fog 2. Temporal Resolution 3. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea 4. The Human Factor 5. Organ-Origami 6. Send A Message In C Flat Morse Code 7. Incremental Shift 8. Garden Of The Lower Lights 9. Ripple Tank 10. Slowly Up And Digital Down... 11. ...To Earth


Reflex is the fifth solo album by Switzerland's Reto Mäder (Ural Umbo, Sum Of R, Pendulum Nisum) as RM74.

A nervous, paranoid record of sinister melody and complex structure. Electronics, organ, synthesizer, guitars and other instrumentation drifts in and out of bizarre atmospherics. The tracks gain emotional resonance as they move among vexing swells of dense, rotting psychedelia.

RM74 - Reflex (CD)

  • CD in 4-panel digipak printed with dark metallic ink. Incl. fold-out insert


    Label: Utech Records (USA)
    Year: 2010

    Photography: Phillip Nesmith

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