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Tracklist: 1. Advance Warning 2. In A Slow Spiral Up Play 3. The Sacred Temple Behind The Light 4. Second Deluge 5. Infernal Council Play 6. The Aesthetics Of Imperfection 7. Without A Contract 8. Secret Mystic Rites


Pendulum Nisum are Reto Mäder (Ural Umbo, Sum Of R, RM74) and Mike Reber (Herpes Ö DeLuxe). The 8 pieces on their debut album are built on majestic organic drones and hypnotic, sinister melodies - a complex structured sound built from horns, organ, piano, analogue synthesizers, shades of guitar sounds, voices, found objects, electro-acoustic processes, and, most of all, an unusual strong presence of field recordings.
The powerful but warm and gloomy sound, based on acoustic instruments and electronic sound treatment clashes in a challenging way with the carefully selected natural sounds (thunderstorms, rain, city noises) chosen from the huge sound databank that Reber has collected within the last decade.

Pendulum Nisum - Pendulum Nisum (LP)

  • 12" Black vinyl


    Label: Hinterzimmer Records (SUI)
    Year: 2011

    Photography: Reto Camenisch

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