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Tracklist: 1. Growing Into Something Special 2. In The Fields Of Trust 3. Mist Of Tears 4. Echo & Captured Lightning 5. Alarming


"Ride out the Waves" is a metaphysical story of six chapters describing a Rite of Passage, a complex way to go through any common idea of genres using a living and dynamic approach to find a balance between darkness and light, powerful riffs and subliminal melodies, ritual drums and rarefied atmospheres.


Press commentaries:
“The music of Sum Of R is a soundtrack of the judgment day. After the dark and ambient style of the early days of Sum Of R, their music turned into the doom of the new generation, comparable to the development of early Godflesh to Sunn O))).” (Onda Rock, IT)


"This EP becomes the soundtrack to a very disjointed and episodic horror film. Said film, if it exists, is characterised by much bloodshed, sabres, and men on horseback cutting down villagers with a pitiless scowl of contempt." (Sound Projector, UK)

Sum Of R - Ride Out The Waves (EP, Vinyl)

  • 12" Clear crystal vinyl EP incl. double insert poster by Krist Mort


    Label: A Storm as he Walks (IT)
    Year: 2013

    Photography: Krist Mort

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